A man is wrongly jailed for murder while the real killer roams free. The murderer is an intellectual frustrated with his country’s never-ending cycle of betrayal and apathy. The convict is a simple man who finds life in prison more tolerable, when something mysterious and strange starts happening to him.
Director: Lav Diaz
Stars: Sid Lucero, Angeli Bayani, Archie Alemania, Mailes Kanapi, Soliman Cruz, Mae Paner, Hazel Orencio, Perry Dizon, Barbie Capacio, Ian Lomongo, Kristian Chua, Noel Sto. Domingo, Raymond Lee, Sheen Gener, Dea Formacil, Kristine Kintana, Lex Marcos, Luis Galang III, Edino Pascual, Julia Domingo, Spider Rodas, Clement Andrada, Paolo Rodriguez



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